Some new icons will be uploaded later today and stuck on the gallery. Icons include two (or maybe more) Angelina Jolie icons (one featuring Pixies lyrics). Three Members-Only icons will be posted here tomorrow.

Also remember that the first SE icon will be deleted today at approximately 12PM EST so please download it for safekeeping if you eventually plan to use it.
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So, everything on the gallery is up (for the most part). The brushes are coming along; I already have two sets that are just getting polished and fine tuned.

The first SE icon is up:
(removed July 1 @ 3:45 PM EST)

Right-click and save to your hardrive. The image will be deleted pretty quickly, so linking is not a good idea (especially since I ask you not to do that!).

and then there's more new...Collapse )

Comment if you use anything so I can see!
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