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PULSE icons

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PULSE ICONS at LiveJournal is an extention of the gallery located here. While the gallery is an archive of all previously-made icons, PULSE ICONS informs the community members when new icons and special edition icons are available. Members cannot post to this community, but more than welcome to offer feedback in comments or through email. Everyone is welcome to join, but members are screened first just so I know who is using the material (members get special perks every now and then, so what are you waiting for?!?!).

By joining this community and/or using these icons you agree:

  1. ...to credit me as pulse_icons or link to the Gallery website at http://pulse.msusser.com/gallery.
  2. ...to download all icons you plan to use and upload them onto your own server, then COMMENT ON ANY ENTRY on this LiveJournal telling me you're using something.
  3. ...to credit me regardless of what changes you make. You can add your username, name, or change the color scheme to fit your journal's layout. I still put time into it and therefore request the credit nonetheless. If you DO want to change it, please know that I do not have the time to do it for you. If you need help and want some guidance with doing something to it, email me and I'll see if I can give you instructions on how to do it for future reference.
  4. ...to NOT redistribute them on a large scale, for example, on your website or journal. That is the purpose of Pulse and Pulse alone. I'm more than happy to see friends pass them around with each other... that's great!... but I would like to know who's using the images so that I can see how they fit with your lovely journals!
  5. ...that Special Edition icons are available for 48 hours only, and you must download them by then because they will no longer be distributed.
  6. ...that I will only make custom icons when I have posted that I am taking requests. Even then, it will still take me some time, so please do not ask me when they will be ready. I will post them in the community when they're done.

I hope you enjoy!

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